Desert Eagle .50AE, GBB, Tokyo Marui

Gas airsoft gun with Blow Back system. Replica of model Desert Eagle .50AE with reinforced recoil from Tokyo Marui.

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GAS airsoft gun with Blow Back system. Replica of model Desert Eagle .50AE with reinforced recoil from Tokyo Marui, which are among the best producer of GAS pistols in the world. Currently, this model has the strongest recoil out of all airsoft guns.
Approximate Range 45 m
BlowBack Yes, gas
Caliber 6 mm
Fire Mode safe/semi-auto
GAS Gun Variant (GBB/GNB) GBB
Gun Length 270 mm
Gun Weight 1,11 kg
Hop-Up Perform adjustable hop-up
Inner Barrel Length 136 mm
Magazine Capacity 27 BB
Muzzle velocity the measured 90 m/s [295 fps]
Propellant GAS HFC 134a/144a
Recommended BBs 0.20 - 0.23 - 0.25 g

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Matej Olejár, 04. 03. 2015

Iulian Caloi, 29. 09. 2017

Man Hey Ng, 21. 11. 2017

Heavy gun, nice build quality.

Thomas Gröper, 06. 05. 2018

Nino Ornik, 17. 08. 2018

A great looking and working pistol, great accuracy with fps ca. 325 with Nuprol 2.0 green gas.. Has a great feel, but it's hard to find a holster for it.

tadas matulis, 28. 08. 2018

Bram Verschoor, 12. 03. 2019

Istvàn Varga, 02. 03. 2020

Paulo Roberto Barbosa da Costa, 07. 06. 2020

Ridiculous and very expensive painting. Did not follow the indications. Do not respond to e-mail. They do not respond to emails. I don't recommend the store

Mate Kiss, 16. 07. 2020

I love it so far. Despite being entirely plastic on the outside, it has very good weight and impressive external surface treatment, that makes you believe it is metal. Hard kicking, precise and has very good range out of the box (50+ meters). An excellent and beautiful replica for every fan. It can be used with green gas, that gives a much more staisfying, stronger kick, but not much more powerful shots, compared to 144a (~300 vs ~330 fps). However, in hot weather conditions I recommend using only 144a gas to protect plastic moving parts from breaking.

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