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On the request of many customers, clubs and various retailers or wholesalers, we have expanded the system of quantity discounts in our online store. Quantity discounts are divided into several categories so that everyone can take advantage of the best deals. Validity of these discounts is from 1.1.2015.

  1.  5% Discount - purchase of goods at a value over 800 € excl. VAT or regular and long-term purchases. Useful for teams, clubs and VIP individuals.
  2. 10% Discount  - purchase of goods at a value over 2000 € excl. VAT or regular and significant long-term purchases. Useful for smaller retailers or big clubs.
  3. Up to 30% Discount  - wholesale long-term cooperation with regular and significant turnover (12000 € excl. VAT per year). 

Conditions of using discounts

Quantity discounts can not be used on goods that are stocked in small quantities or on special offer (reduced price, gift etc.) or for goods of the Systema PTW, Custom guns etc. Registered customer receives Loyalty Points when buying our goods, these then can apply as discount on next order. Installation an upgrade to new weapons will then be charged according to the standard price list for work carried out during service.

Every order that was requested through the online store and which has an automatically applied discount, please be aware, it is still necessary to be approved by the seller. The validity and amount of the discount depends entirely on the assessment of seller. The seller is authorised to request an advance payment or deposit.

Conditions of using price categories

Advantageous price categories are for customers (VIP, clubs, distributors) with long-term and regular orders. The adjusted price levels and current price of goods will be displayed after logging into your account. For higher dealer categories it is not possible to earn reward points for purchased goods and apply these (Reward points will not be attributed to VIP accounts), it is not possible to pay by payment card, nor is it possible to install a free upgrade etc.

Assignment of some price categories depends on an assessment by the dealer based on past cooperation and outlook of future cooperation. In the case of limited stock availability to the buyer may be offered standard price of goods.

If you have any questions please feel free to contact us by email

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