What is airsoft?

Perhaps every boy (and sometimes girl) ran like a little soldier with other comrades from the base or den with a stick in his hand yelling loudly: "BANG  BANG BANG! You're dead!". As the years went on, the sticks changed to toy guns and later BB guns from Toy Stores ... and then came Airsoft!

Airsoft originated in Japan in response to paintball from the US. Originally produced mock Japanese weapons on a 1: 1 scale, which everyone could hang on the wall as decoration. Over time, weapons improved  and "learned" to shoot balls. To increase the range hop-up systems were invented, which nobody could imagine being without in the weapons of today.

Airsoft games

As already indicated, in terms of airsoft guns and firefights. Just like paintball, airsoft games usually consist of two teams that face each other. Usually it is the task of eliminating each other. You might say, "Aha, green brains. The war is past, we should move on". Wrong! Believe it or not, Airsoft is a game like any other. It has rules and precise courses. Although consecutive players shoot plastic projectiles of a diameter of 6 or 8 mm, the velocity is about 100 m/s, so there are practically no injuries.

How do such Airsoft battles take place? First you need to find a suitable location. The deep parts of the forest, ruins of houses, abandoned farmsteads or former military areas. All of these battlefields, after consultation with the owners or the competent authorities, perfectly serve as an ideal battleground for different styles of fighting. It's not just running and spraying everything which moves. In Airsoft brute force does not always win, you have to be cunning and use deceit. The ability to outwit the enemy and attack from the back and flanks is the most valuable. It is not uncommon that a team of 10 experienced players, is able to resist a team which outnumbers them by 2 and without a single loss in their own ranks.

Airsoft therefore is fairly close to the real course of the battle, except from dying. And how to die? Stricken players usually feel or hear balls that hit his body. Within Fair Play he raises his hands and walks away from the battlefield. If the affected player does not feel anything but hears the shooters call out whether they really hit the player or not they will also leave the battle. As you can see, Airsoft has a lot of "fair" players. It's a very good scene, which indicates that the majority of Airsoft enthusiasts play smart and tend to be nice people with whom you will experience a lot of great moments and fun with.

Airsoft guns

Airsoft guns under the laws of the Czech Republic "gas weapon category D", in which the ownership must be an individual 18 years or older. There are many weapons to choose from a large number of many different manufacturers. Prices range from CZK 300 to very high amounts for limited edition collector's items, handmade edition weapons. Cheaper weapons are made of strong ABS plastic, which also ensures a faithful likeness to the real artwork. At present, however, more and more popular in the market are the metal models which are not only being offered in real dimension, but also an appropriate weight and greater durability. Weapons made of steel and wood are no exception.

Weapons by function can be divided into three basic types - manual, gas and electric. In all these weapons gas pressure is used to fire BBs from the barrel. The gas weapons are driven by a special gas whereas manual and electric weapons use a compressed air piston which is spring driven. Manual weapons must be cocked before each shot. The electric motor is powered by a battery. Electric weapons, also known as AEG, are the most widely used because of its efficiency and user comfort. Their advantage lies in the automatic fire, which is the most faithful imitation of the actual firing of weapons. Airsoft guns can be upgraded as well thus achieving much better accuracy and range.

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