AirsoftGuns YouTube: Hi Capa 5.1, GBB, Tokyo Marui, review and shooting test

10. 10. 2017

The most realistic shooting experience is with gas guns. We bring you a short video with controls, proper manipulation and a shotgun test of the pistol Hi Capa 5.1, GBB from Tokyo Marui.


It is unnecessary to comment on the fact that Japan's Tokyo Marui maker is the absolute leader. Like other weapons, with these gun manufacturer has demonstrated its precision. GAS airsoft guns with Blow Back system, which you can see in our video review, are replicas of weapons through successful Para Hi Cap. You can choose from a variety of options, for example by the length of the breech (4.3 inches and 5.1 inches) or the color version.

These superbly crafted guns have a adjustable Hop-Up system, a movable shutter and a functional catch lock. The pistols feature a realistic disassembly and all the functional controls. It also includes a mounting rail that can be attached to the lower frame of the weapon.


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