Glock 26, GBB, Tokyo Marui

Gas airsoft gun with Blow Back system. Replica of Glock model 26 from Tokyo Marui.

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GAS airsoft gun with Blow Back system. Replica of Glock model 26 from Tokyo Marui, which is among the best producers of GAS pistols in the world.
Approximate Range 45 m
BlowBack Yes, gas
Caliber 6 mm
Fire Mode safe/semi-auto
GAS Gun Variant (GBB/GNB) GBB
Gun Length 160 mm
Gun Weight 0,56 kg
Hop-Up Perform adjustable hop-up
Inner Barrel Length 85 mm
Magazine Capacity 15 BB
Muzzle velocity the measured 90 m/s [295 fps]
Propellant GAS HFC 134a/144a
Recommended BBs 0.20 - 0.23 - 0.25 g

Product Comments

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Marian Rizea, 03. 09. 2018

Dr Barry John McGowan, 05. 09. 2018

This product is first-rate, as was the service in obtaining it. Well done.

Thomas LIGNON, 07. 11. 2018

Very cute gun but the box is not so cool. The shipment was very correct, just need more bubble protection paper!

Mikkel Straarup, 30. 12. 2018

Great quality. Plastic but heavy, sturdy and solid feeling.

Frédéric MARTINEAU-CHALAIN, 18. 01. 2019

Parfait! Le service client est très réactif et très professionnel. Le produit top qualité, Tokyo Marui oblige. Merci Airsoftguns !

Zoltan Pataki, 21. 02. 2019

Thierry Lesourd, 21. 03. 2019

Stanislav Usenco, 13. 04. 2019

Luc Magniant, 29. 04. 2019

Excellent, TM, star else ? Vert good store.

Gina Klebe, 24. 09. 2019

the product is almost confused with the original. very good and stable execution.

Marcel Merk, 09. 10. 2019

Well packed. Test protocol included so they make sure the guns work correctly before they send it. Excellent service thanks

Jonny Fransson, 14. 01. 2020

A very solid gun that is comfortable in the hand and with a well-balanced weight. Good feeling in the recoil and the gun shoots both far and straight. I am also impressed by the matte finish on the mantle that makes it not look plastic. However, the magazine was difficult to refill with half of the gas blowing outside, but it might be okay with a lubrication and tightening of the valve.

David Macdougall, 01. 07. 2020

Balazs Marton, 06. 07. 2020

Andreas Kahler, 09. 08. 2020

Perfect! Same dimensions as the original!!! Absolut Top!

Elias Revez, 16. 03. 2021

Very reliable pistol, I haven't gotten a single jam yet. The polymer frame and plastic slide are of good quality, and the markings on the pistol are very accurate to the real thing,

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