H&K CA36C, Classic Army

Automatic electric airsoft gun (AEG). Replica of model H&K G36C from Classic Army.

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During the 90s, the Federal Armament Authority faced with the need for change of good but obsolete weapons G3. The result was a demand for a modular weapon that would cover a range from machine guns, carbines, assault rifles to light machine guns. In 1997 the company Heckler&Koch developed a new series of advanced weapons H&K G36, which were later incorporated into the Bundeswehr in a number of 33 thousand units. The weapon uses a standard 5,56x45 mm NATO ammunition and its skeleton is made from plastic reinforced with fibre glass. German arms factory for the first time dropped the use of the reliable but improper ammunition, dynamic locking rollers and applied the principle of rotation of the locking swivel cover block. This model is produced by Classic Army. Contains 7 mm metal gearbox version 3, High Speed ​​& High Torque motor, reinforced internal components (eg. The wheel piston, piston head, metal bearings 7 mm Spring guide etc.) and high-magazine 470 rounds. The gun has on its base 3 RIS mounting rails which are placed against the perimeter of handguard. RIS rail is at the top carrying handles on which is also located diopric sight. The weapon can easily attach a variety of lights, lasers, red dot, or tactical riflescope handle. The weapon is for first look made from more mat plastic model than from a competitor Tokyo Marui.
- notice - Battery and charger are not included.
Approximate Range 45 m
Bearings 7 mm, ball bearings, metal
BlowBack No
Caliber 6 mm
Connector Type Tamiya Mini
Fire Mode safe/semi-auto/full-auto
Gearbox Version version 3 (7 mm)
Gun Length 500/718 mm
Gun Weight 2,70 kg
Hop-Up Perform adjustable hop-up
Inner Barrel Length 247 mm
Magazine (Lowcap/Midcap/Hicap/Xhicap) hi-cap
Magazine Capacity 470 BB
Motor Type High Speed & High Torque
Motor Variant Short
Muzzle velocity specified by manufacturer 90 m/s [295 fps]
Recommended Batteries Type Mini (8.4V)
Recommended BBs 0.20 - 0.23 - 0.25 g

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