L96-04D, black, bipod, scope, Well, MB04D

Spring powered airsoft gun. Replica of model L96 [MB04D] in black. In this set you will find a height adjustable bipod and high quality optical sight.

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Spring powered airsoft gun. Replica of model L96 [MB04D] plastic guard in black is mainly characterised by abnormal processing of the entire stock and ergonomic grips. Fully adjustable cheek pad in combination with comfortable rubber feet allow for better aim. Long free flow barrel is made of metal and manufactured on precision CNC machines. RIS rail on the upper part of bolt handle metal case is used to attach the mounting rings with optical sights. The rifle is also fitted with many fixtures for attaching a sling. The total price also includes adjustable/retractable bipod, front triple rail block and high-quality scope 3-9x40 with the appropriate installation. The package also includes speed loader, rod, sling, magazine with a capacity of 30 BBs.

Warning: Internal weapon system is the same layout as in the case of sniper MB01. Rifle can thus be used to upgrade the primary parts destined for APS-2 Type 96 and therefore the relevant Chinese cheaper copies of this popular series.

Note: The new series of gun can be delivered with a power limiter that is screwed onto the nozzle of the cylinder. The maximum power can be achieved only after removal of the limiter. If you wish to remove the limiter before supplying weapons, write to the note on an order "I want to remove the limiter". Otherwise the gun will be supplied as manufacturer made it.
Approximate Range 75 m
BlowBack No
Caliber 6 mm
Fire Mode safe/one-shot
Gun Length 1130 mm
Gun Weight 3,40 kg
Hop-Up Perform adjustable hop-up
Inner Barrel Length 500 mm
Magazine Capacity 30 BB
Muzzle velocity the measured 150 m/s [492 fps]
Recommended BBs 0.28 - 0.30 g

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