M4 PMC-2, version 2014 EBB, Classic Army

Automatic electric airsoft gun (AEG). M4 Replica of model PMC-2 from the latest Series 2014 from Classic Army.

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Automatic electric airsoft gun (AEG). M4 Replica of model PMC-2 from the latest Series 2014 from Classic Army. Precise version of the weapon full metal-adjusted as PMC (Private Military Contractor). RIS handguard enables seamless use of tactical accessories according to the needs of the owner. The entire weapon comes from the latest edition, which has a newly processed metal body with negative embossing including unique serial number, functional dust cover (function boltcatch) and increasingly in demand Blow back system (realistic motion imitation conclusion while shooting). This type M4 is supplied with a tactical retractable Crane stock (6 setting positions) grip on the swivel, steel folding compensator and sights. On top of RIS rail of gun body is no problem to mount any type of red dots or mounts.

version 2014 include a metal reinforced gearbox (without spring enables the exchange of unfinished), high quality steel gears, precision ball bearing 8 mm, low resistance wiring, spring M120, QD spring guide bearing (metal), a stainless steel cylinder Metal cylinder head and vacuum piston head (metal). The metal piece Hop-Up chamber in this case is a matter of course. Including a tactical front grip (KAC), two covers on the RIS rails (KAC), a front sling swivel, cleaning rod and high capacity magazine 300 rounds of BBs. The weapon is equipped standard with a small connector Tamiya and it is adapted to receive a NiMH battery (see. Recommended type) in the space provided in Crane stock.
- notice - Battery and charger are not included.
Approximate Range 60 m
Bearings 8 mm, ball bearings, metal
BlowBack Yes, electric
Caliber 6 mm
Connector Type Tamiya Mini
Fire Mode safe/semi-auto/full-auto
Gearbox Version EBB version 2 (8 mm)
Gun Length 800/890 mm
Gun Weight 3,20 kg
Hop-Up Perform adjustable hop-up
Inner Barrel Length 363 mm
Magazine (Lowcap/Midcap/Hicap/Xhicap) hi-cap
Magazine Capacity 300 BB
Motor Type Long High Speed & High Torque
Motor Variant Long
Muzzle velocity specified by manufacturer 95 m/s [312 fps]
Muzzle velocity the measured 125 m/s [410 fps]
Recommended Batteries Type CQB (9.6V, 1600mAh)
Recommended BBs 0.20 - 0.23 - 0.25 g

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Aleš Marůtský, 24. 02. 2015

Skvělé zpracování. U mě 5 z 5ti.

Juraj Murín, 10. 04. 2015

Matej Gomola, 10. 05. 2015

Zbraň výkon a údržba: Výkon zbrane sa pohybuje niekde okolo 305-315 fps z 0.25 bb , čo je okolo 350 fps z 0.20, dostrel vzhľadom k presnej hlavni a vcelku kvalitnému hop up, naozaj je 60 + metrov ( testovane z 0.25) presunu streľbu na rozmer 20 X30 plochu som dosiahol na 40 metrov bez problémov (CQB nastavenie hop up) Údržba – jednoducho ide odobrať prednú časť z hlávkou a hop up, iba 1 pin. Dnu nájdete 9mm ložiskový gear box s nízko odporovými rozvodmi, EBB trocha klepe odporúčam namazať silikónovou vazelínou na AEG, počas streľby občas strelia 2 BB naraz – príčina je nezistená ale nestáva sa to často 1-2X za hru (očistil som a namazal trysku silikónovým olejom na AS zbrane – potom som to už neevidoval)

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