M4A1 RIS, full set, M203, plastic, D-Boys, BY-031, BI-3181AB

Automatic electric airsoft gun (AEG). Replica of model M4A1 RIS (full set) [BY-031/BI-3181AB] with mounted M203 grenade launcher.

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Automatic electric airsoft gun (AEG). Replica of model M4A1 RIS [BY-031/BI-3181AB] made from plastic with a metal barrel. RIS handguard allows the use of tactical accessories. Modern type M4 tactical retractable stock (6 setting positions) and a removable transport handle, it is possible to attach different scopes and red dots on the sight rail. Thanks to really large numbers of accessories entire weapon set can be easily and quickly modified for a different look by changing the stock, handguard or installing grenade launcher. M203 grenade launcher, including installation serves primarily as an imitation replica. However, it is capable to firingrd and is possible to placed into battery Mini 9,6V.

Includes a charger (small connector), tactical sling, cleaning rod, Wind Up Hi-cap Magazine 300rds, a Low-cap magazine for 68 rounds of BBs, fast charger, tactical grip, 3pc covers on RIS rails basic handguard, crane stock and AN/PEQ box (imitation laser sight is used to place battery). The recommended battery type for this weapon model can be found in the Accessories tab in this product's detail.
- notice - The package includes charger, but not battery.
Approximate Range 30 m
BlowBack No
Caliber 6 mm
Connector Type Tamiya Mini
Fire Mode safe/semi-auto/full-auto
Gearbox Version plastic
Gun Length 850/770 mm
Gun Weight 1,90 kg
Hop-Up Perform adjustable hop-up
Inner Barrel Length 363 mm
Magazine (Lowcap/Midcap/Hicap/Xhicap) hi-cap
Magazine Capacity 300/68 BB
Motor Variant Long
Muzzle velocity specified by manufacturer 60 m/s [197 fps]
Recommended Batteries Type Mini (8.4V)
Recommended BBs 0.20 - 0.23 g

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