SL9, blowback, black, Ares, SR-001

Automatic electric airsoft gun (AEG). Replica of model HK SL9 [SR-001] in black from Ares. Weapons Company Ares series is characterised by high quality design of the nylon body with fibre glass.

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Replica of model H&K SL9 - BlowBack version [SR-001]. Type SL-9 semi-automatic civilian version of a variant of the popular and high quality range of G36 (compared with original features and functionality Burst shooting). Just like the real weapon, it is made from high quality nylon that is reinforced with fibre glass. Technical solutions company Ares did not disappoint, so in handguard there is imitation GAS tube with piston and metal protection of heavy barrel. Top carrying handle offers a very long RIS rail for attaching different scopes and red dots. Part of the stock, as well as the real originals are easily removable parts, which provides optimal stock length.

Blow back system is increasingly popular and desired features emulating realistic move of slide. Noteworthy is the possibility of quick exchange of springs which an experienced owner can do in a few minutes (a similar principle to the M249 machine guns).

Metal reinforced gearbox contains high quality steel gears, metal bearings 8 mm (combination of sliding and ball), spring M130, a micro-reinforced cylinder head and vacuum piston head. Including cleaning rod, filling the tank and a pusher short magazine 20 rounds of BBs.
- notice - Battery and charger are not included.
Approximate Range 68 m
Bearings 8 mm, ball bearings/bushing, metal
BlowBack Yes, electric
Caliber 6 mm
Connector Type Tamiya Mini
Fire Mode safe/semi-auto/full-auto
Gearbox Version EBB version 3 (8 mm)
Gun Length 980/1030 mm
Gun Weight 3,60 kg
Hop-Up Perform adjustable hop-up
Inner Barrel Length 509 mm
Magazine (Lowcap/Midcap/Hicap/Xhicap) low-cap
Magazine Capacity 20 BB
Motor Type Short torque
Motor Variant Short
Muzzle velocity the measured 135 m/s [443 fps]
Recommended Batteries Type CQB (9.6V, 1600mAh)
Recommended BBs 0.25 - 0.28 g

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