Tactical vest, vz. 95 mod. 2009, P, AirsoftGuns

Tactical vest model 2009 with pistol holster in the original camouflage vz. 95 from FCG.

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Four years after the launch of the highly successful universal Tactical vests Airsoftguns 2005, has come up with an upgraded version of this model. Based on the experiences and comments of users there have been several significant changes. From the previous model to lead a different new double-capacity pocket for example, up to 4 pieces of magazines for all types of weapons from our selection means AK,Vz. 58, AR15/M16 and others.

As one of the few high-quality vest on the market offers the possibility of height adjustment in the shoulder area and width control in the rear and front part. This is well adapted to the body size of the user. An important advantage is the use of various color combinations and materials that achieve excellent masking capabilities of vests.

The vest is equipped with numerous fast lockable pockets for guns and other needs of the user. The non-removable components of vests are also a universal pistol holster which is intended for all types of gun e.g. Glock 26 to Desert Eagle. Fixation of guns warrants tightening swivel finished with a trident. Besides the pistol holster there is an integrated adjustable compartment for spare pistol magazine, or the quick pusher magazines.

In the inside front of the vest are two large pockets into which you can insert eg. a map, gloves, helmet etc. On the right side is fit for army knife so. UTON.

In the back of the jackets two large pockets have been placed which are opened from above and can be used for a GAS bottle or magazine type P90. On the inside of the pockets there are tabs mainly used to attach a radio, when using hands-free headsets.

In the lower rear part there are two large pockets. In these pockets you can be insert, for example,goggles, bag for airsoft BBs, compass, telescope observation etc. The vest is further equipped in the lower part with 6 handles for threading and fixation (*) Army belt width 50-60 mm. This belt can carry any magazine pouches or be combined with tension belts used as a thigh holster.

The material used for the 100% polyester Extinguish padded interior waterproof coating. Color is designed as the original Czech Army pattern vz. 95 weight vests is about 1150g.

* Belt is not part of the military jackets, it can be ordered as an accessory
Color, Camo Camouflage pattern 95

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