Glock 18C AEP, black, Cyma, CM.030

Automatic electric airsoft pistol (AEP). Replica of Glock model 18C [CM.030] with a unique serial number.

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Automatic electric airsoft pistol (AEP). Replica of Glock model 18C [CM.030] with a unique serial number. Rail placed under the barrel in front of the trigger guard allows the installation of tactical accessories. The package includes a charger, battery 7.2V/450mAh, BBs speed loader, cleaning rod and magazine 30 rounds of BBs. Magazines with a capacity of 30 or 100rds can be used on this gun.

- notice - Battery and charger are included.
Approximate Range 33 m
Bearings 6 mm, bushing, nylon
BlowBack No
Caliber 6 mm
Connector Type AEP type
Fire Mode safe/semi-auto/full-auto
Gearbox Version AEP
Gun Length 201 mm
Gun Weight 0,7 kg
Hop-Up Perform adjustable hop-up
Inner Barrel Length 105 mm
Magazine Capacity 30 BB
Motor Type AEP
Motor Variant AEP
Muzzle velocity the measured 66 m/s [217 fps]
Recommended Batteries after modification AEP Rhino Li-Pol 7,4V/360 mAh (20C)
Recommended BBs 0.20 - 0.23 g

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Radek Lesák, 08. 04. 2015

Petr Kašpar, 16. 04. 2015

Miroslava Šebková, 04. 05. 2015

Robert Gazi, 05. 05. 2015

Jakub Chovan, 03. 06. 2015

nejde mě k tomu nabíječka ani mému kamarádovy takže to nebude vada kusu . vyřešil jsem nákupem jiné a jiného akumulátoru jinak super zbran :)

Jonathan Baan, 22. 03. 2017

Very satified. Good gun, fast delivery! Recommended.

Oliver Haas, 24. 03. 2017

Fired all day long without any problems. Highcap fits perfect !

owyn stroobandt, 11. 09. 2017

good gun love it

KRISTAPS PETROVS, 17. 09. 2017

Ken Bruynen, 20. 09. 2017

Soms een misfire

Eric MARTY, 11. 10. 2017

julian koetsier, 14. 10. 2017

Rene Schulze, 07. 11. 2017

all fine wanna buy again if its needet GREAT !!

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