M4A1 MWS, GBB, Tokyo Marui

Automatic gas airsoft gun with Blow Back system. Replica of model M4A1 MWS Compact from Tokyo Marui.

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Automatic GAS airsoft gun. Full metal replica of model M4A1 MWS with Blow Back system. A completely new technical solution made by the Japanese company Tokyo Marui offers a breakthrough internal mechanism known as Z System. This is compared to other handles substantially stable GAS dosing and more reliable function operation end during reloading. Other previously unused affairs at mass produced airsoft gun is finishing the body in the form Cerakote coatings.

User certainly appreciate even more accessible regulation Hop-Up through the ejection port or magazine well. All controls parts are fully functional, as well as the real firearms. Therefore, these models most commonly used by enthusiastic "military" units or users themselves, who simply want to practice handling a firearm safely and out of range.

This modern type design standard assault rifle M4A1 is equipped with a metal RIS handguard, allowing any mounting tactical accessories. The weapon also has a telescopic butt stock (6 positions setting) and a metal outer barrel with a 14 mm left-hand thread that is hidden under the compensator. On the upper body attaching the rear folding sight KAC 600m, before which the RIS can attach different optics or any red dots. The package included a metal Low-cap magazine at the 35rds. The GAS is in this case filled into the magazine through the valve on the bottom.
Approximate Range 55 m
BlowBack Yes, gas
Caliber 6 mm
Fire Mode safe/semi-auto/full-auto
GAS Gun Variant (GBB/GNB) GBB
Gun Length 860/770 mm
Gun Weight 2,98 kg
Hop-Up Perform adjustable hop-up
Inner Barrel Length 250 mm
Magazine Capacity 35 BB
Muzzle velocity specified by manufacturer 100 m/s [328 fps]
Muzzle velocity the measured 110 m/s [361 fps]
Propellant GAS GreenGas
Recommended BBs 0.20 - 0.23 - 0.25 g

Product Comments

25.01.2018 Best GBB

FloydDox FloydDoxFloydDox FloydDox

Bought this gun in 2017 and it is still amazing. Realistic feel and weight. So much upgrades for it internal and external you can turn into an sr15 or a short mk18 and more. I have put a heavy steel buffer for heavy realistic kick. An npas kit for adjustable fps. If you are looking for a realistic m4 buy this one. Parts for this gun are so easily got.

Flavio Ramalhao, 10. 01. 2018

Excellent product, I tested the gun, and it's working perfectly. thanks for the delivery guys. cheers from portugal

Michele Garavini, 29. 01. 2018

Luca Borgonovo, 21. 02. 2018

Roque Roldan Torregrosa, 16. 10. 2018

The product works fine, however I don't understand the way they treat the client, awful. Not only they don't care about the client experience but also the weapon came without bubble paper or an extra box, they put paper all around the Tokyo Marui box! For an international shipping!!!! Not only this careless behavior, the put zeal paper directly to the Marui box to attach the magazines... When I saw it I couldn't believe it! This is a collection item guys, you should be more careful. Besides this the rear sight is totally scratched. When I replied them about this, they just ignored me and after a second mail they told me that everything is okay, and it's not their fault. I've bought on ehobbyassia, wgcshop, redwolf, rainbow8, samoon, bunny workshop and never, never I got a more weir situation. I will never buy on this shop again, either people from my country. You can have a competitive price, but in this way, I prefer to go to other shops immediately. No doubt.

naforeanu tudor edward, 03. 06. 2020

Hi. I purchased this product. It can shoot only 5 bbs per gas fill. Also I can not charge it with bbs. I tried with 2 different bb chargers - doesn`t work. I basically paid for something I can not use. I had to go on forums and groups on facebook to find ow to make it work but it seems I have to spend more money on some expensive service for gas airsoft guns so they an first diagnose the problem and then repair it + shipping and so on. So thank you for your product. It would be great that in the future u sell something that works and specify what type of gas and other stuff u need to actuall USE IT.

Ruben Kreugel, 09. 09. 2020

The products arrived in good condition. The packaging could have been done a little better as the box the MWS came in was slightly worn, but other that that, good experiance. I would order from this website again.

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