Radio, PMR M48-S, set, Midland

Hand-operated radio PMR Midland M48-S Plus is a middle class stations from German brand Midland. Operation without charges and special permits, ease of use and range up to 10 kilometres. Stations are sold in pairs, together with two powerful rechargeable batteries and a charger.

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PMR Midland station M48-S Plus has a built-in selective choice CTCSS (8 voice channels + 38 CTCSS) 48 preprogrammed options, Roger beep (concompanyation tone), lock button, battery condition, scanning channels, automatic noise reduction, backlit display, monitoring functions and the ability to broadcast voice switching (VOX, two levels of sensitivity). Station can connect a headset or handsfree connector type Midland. The package includes two powerful rechargeable battery (800mAh), charger and two clips to your belt.

- Dimensions 160x58x28 mm
- Weight 140g
- 446 MHz frequency
- Transmitting power of 500 mW ERP
- Alternative Power 4 AAA batteries

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