Sterling SMG L2 A3, S&T

Automatic electric airsoft gun (AEG). Replica of model Sterling SMG L2 A3 [S&T]. Such as real gun, is this gun made from large part from steel.

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Automatic electric airsoft gun (AEG). Replica of model Sterling SMG L2 A3 [S&T]. Such as the real gun, this gun is mainly made of steel. From solid polymer is only plastic pistol grip. Technical solution and outer processing is the same as similar models from this brand, so it can be possible to expect quality final processing of all details and all controls are functional including the folding stock. Noteworthy is the possibility of quick exchange of springs which an experienced owner can do in a few minutes (a similar principle to the M249 machine guns). This unique of WWII a superbly expands the exclusive offer of these lesser-known and on the battlefields less expanded weapons. Application will surely find even re-enactment units, KVH or just costume play players.

Metal reinforced gearbox with specific shape contain quality steel gears, precision metal 9 mm bearings, spring M120, spring guide with bearing, reinforced cylinder head and vacuum piston head. Included in the package is one mid-cap magazine 110 rounds of BBs.
- notice - Battery and charger are not included.
Approximate Range 50 m
Bearings 9 mm, bushing, metal
BlowBack No
Caliber 6 mm
Connector Type Tamiya Mini
Fire Mode safe/semi-auto/full-auto
Gearbox Version version Sterling (9 mm)
Gun Length 680/495 mm
Gun Weight 2,84 kg
Hop-Up Perform adjustable hop-up
Inner Barrel Length 190 mm
Magazine (Lowcap/Midcap/Hicap/Xhicap) low-cap
Magazine Capacity 110 BB
Motor Type Short torque
Motor Variant Short
Muzzle velocity specified by manufacturer 110 m/s [361 fps]
Muzzle velocity the measured 100 m/s [328 fps]
Recommended BBs 0.20 - 0.23 - 0.25 g

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Lucas Corvinius, 03. 05. 2017

This thing is great! And shoots really fast. It has the 110BB-mag compared to the "Action" with PTW internals who only carries 40BBs in each mag. This one is made by S&T, the same company who released the best PPSH41 on the airsoftmarket. S&T is known to put all the money on the externals, which makes these guns great externally but cyma-like crappy internals so you will have to upgrade the cylinderhead to CNC-aluminium, cylinder to Stainless, piston to Polyfiber plastic and pistonhead to CNC-Alu or Polyfiber plastic. Also recommend the MapleLeaf Monster Bucking (Blue) 70degree. And if you can afford it: PDI stainless barrel and SiegTek gears. Then you'll have a gun that will never break internally.

Peter Koenigsreuther, 10. 10. 2018

Very good made, heavy SMG...(without BB-Function, it would be a eyecatching Deko, too). Excellent communication and short delivering to Germay...many Thanks...

Yves ROLLIN, 27. 06. 2019

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