AirsoftGuns YouTube: Shotgun M870, Cyma CM 350, preview and shooting test

13. 04. 2017

Are you interested in spring powered shotgun from our offer? We introduce you a short video focusing on control, handling and shooting test of Cyma CM M870 shotgun 35x series.


This spring powered airsoft shotguns are replicas of well known Remington M870. You can choose from many different variants according to length of the outer barrel, stock type (original fixed, foldable, tactical or variant without stock). You can also choose by body material - full metal or plastic. Cheaper models use ABS plastic, but the more expensive types have plastic parts made of high quality nylon with fiberglass.

Shotguns from CM 35x series shot 3 BBs. Each of these spring powered shotguns has three separate inner barrel with a fixed Hop-Up. Shotguns are effective and efficient for shooting at shorter distances when required quick shot powered by kinetic energy of three shots hitting the target, which may be advantage in airsoft game or when you shoot to empty cans in the garden.


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