Counter strike vs. Airsoft or what to do in winter

15. 01. 2004

While you argue, why sit at the computer, instead of playing outdoors airsoft (or balls), but this PC game that is closer than you think. In the following sentences you her "brief" description of ...


Counter-Strike is a modification of the game Half-Life, but retains the original game really just graphics, otherwise the redesigned virtually everything. Most recalls CQB (Close Quarter Battle) airsoft. In game two opposing teams: terrorists and so-called. Counter-terrorists, or police or military units. You can choose from four characters, but the choice is not crucial, all is different only appearance. Yet it is not the happiest idea to take you on a desert camouflage metro (black, gray, white).

When you choose a side, you should also know what your mission is. Terrorists have, depending on the type of maps to play, the task either at designated locations to drop the bomb, kill V.I.P. or guard hostage. The second option is always the same and eliminate all counter-terrorists.

Special units always have the opposite task - to prevent the laying bombs, or if asked, deactivate it, perform V.I.P. up to the helicopter and rescue the hostages.

Would not it but if it had nothing to shoot. A weapon is a wide choice. Among the most popular is definitely ranks Colt M4A1 guns, AK-47, Styer Aug, MP5 navy. But even more, such as FN M249 Para or shotguns Benelli, they do not lag behind them and they also have their enthusiastic supporters.

Each weapon has an extra, as in fact a different cadence and another penetration shots. Some guns So neprostřelí even weaker obstacle, other weapons (e.g. M4A1, Desert Eagle, FN P90 etc.) can shoot through weaker obstacles such as wooden boards, tables, doors, ventilation shafts and the like. Finally, the most powerful weapons such as AWP and AK -47 laid the even thinner walls. Each weapon also has a different recoil, so eg. With an AK-47 to shoot longer worthwhile benefits because the second and third round fired it's mostly a nice piece next.

In addition to weapons can be bought and support equipment in the form of Kevlar vests or jackets with a helmet, blinding grenades (flashbang), smoke grenades and explosive grenades. Additionally, you can also purchase a night vision scope. Under special unit it is still possible to buy Defusal Kit, which enables faster deactivate a bomb, and that's it.

Next to CS so typical things called: Zone injury. It is not a hit a hit and if you hit an enemy with a weapon that does not have a helmet on the head, is dead. The resulting injuries differ from each other encroachments on the feet, hands and chest. Prima also is an example. And ordinary glass shot slows down, which sometimes can save a life. Quite simply, the authors CS bet on realism and must say that they made it. At the beginning I did not say it but CS is a multiplayer modification which enjoy owners to connect to the Internet or people who have the opportunity to organize a LAN party there (but the Internet can be downloaded computer opponents).

Now something about the atmosphere while playing. For a long time I did not think I like that in a game vytuhl and I gave it every spare moment. (Though I did not play airsoft:)) If you're dead, you switch to a special exploratory mode and can freely fly through the map. If you do not know her well, I recommend you use the time until the end of the five-minute round (yes, if you die, you have to wait for the end of the round) to become familiar with it, because perfect knowledge of every nook is successfully playing one of the key conditions.

The only negation but also a major asset CS is the human factor. Every time you play, it will be different, and every time someone used against you new, hitherto unknown to you tactics, which can then be used against other people.

Bottom line is CS but excellent, entertaining and highly addictive computer game. Still, the mouse can not replace the trigger, the keyboard feet and virtual reality is still far behind the real world. CS but it also has its advantages over airsoft. People can not, unwittingly, cheat (the ball has not touched me, really), they can not hurt and can play in any weather. This is probably the biggest advantage of this game. So you can play airsoft and when conditions allow (-15 °C, storms ...) sit down to the computer and to train with my friends on the computer.

Jan Zubatý (CZ)


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