27. 02. 2003

Early evening sunlight gently shining through the treetops and fell to the ground covered with rotting leaves and grass growing randomly. Occasional forest sounds disturbed only difficult, but not careless actions of five pairs of military boots ...


According to the map, we already had all the time to bring to a dimension that indicates the intelligence service discovered hiding enemy. Caution should, therefore, not to spare and moving slowly changed in the exploration and subsequent unexpected attack in enemy neck shield. Already you can hear the gentle roar of the river, behind which should be on a slight hill, just below the rock BY extend our goal. There already explorer reports:,, The clear water, the object is found, a slight movement. End"

Within three minutes we were deployed to 25 meters ashore and camouflaged by aquatic weeds are srdcovitými leaves, we surveyed the terrain on the other side. Yeah intelligence was right. The camp was really there. On three sides covered by rock and intelligence on a slight hill. Fuck that ass makin perhaps not! This is supposed to be mírnej hill? Hill like that, I saw only attack once, on television. It was called Hamburger Hill.

Another very strange thing was the absolute absence of patrols on the opposite shore. It's only a calm section of the river in sight and thus ideal ford .It is really weird. Yeah, they began to slowly erode fears that there will be something wrong.

,,So yeah. De first survey, then the alpha 1 and alpha 2 and eventually Dad and alpha 3. All are giving careful and cover grebes (wading people). Exit. "2 minutes lasted the entire flow moving through calm waters and has us again completely cover the green creatures growing around vody.Teď just stealthily climb the hill and the torsion wipe out the enemy,," there. So slowly claw up and try to be part of the coverage targets (as probably every reasonable person). And that was precisely the problem. They had to know about us. But they intended to lure us into such a very successful traps.

Suddenly a shot and the radio came:,, Alfa 2 down. Everybody down. Shit where did it go? "And the next morning. Alpha 3 down. I look back over the river and suddenly something flashed across the water, about 15 meters from where we lie.Jo there is a sniper. BANG! The recon is death. I am trying to cover over-sized stone crates of beer. Plunder and I got it. Directly into the shoulders. Alpha 1 is trying to get to the river, but already there waiting patrol, we've obviously seen a dose of bullets totally canceled our plans.

Well just upgraded sniper rifle M24 (Classic Army 380%) is pretty crap on even 90 meters. So watch for them. Not visible and flying them the hell away. They're Snipers.

Oťas (CZ)


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