How to choose the right size of clothing

17. 12. 2015

You will not find the standard size chart of clothing in our online store. Every person has different body proportions, moreover, every manufacturer has different standards when labelling garments. How choose correct size of uniform, tactical trousers or camouflage jacket?


Camouflage uniforms, tactical trousers or jackets do not serve as fashionable clothing items but are made for practicality and functionality, therefore, it must be comfortable, should not restrict movement and must fulfill its purpose.

In our airsoft eshop you can find a chart with exact dimensions, length and girth of specific products. We recommend you to measure trousers or jacket which you normally wear and by those dimensions to select the right size. Keep in your mind that jacket should allow you to wear extra layers of clothing (e.g. a sweater) underneath. Trousers can be longer or shorter, it depends on the style which you prefer to wear, trousers inside or over shoes ( others like to use drawstrings which help to prevent contaminants from entering the shoe).

How to measure shirts and jackets

Total length – distance from the lower edge of the collar to the bottom of the shirt, it is neccesary to measure the back part. If you start from the top of the collar the measurement would not be accurate.

Chest circumference – lay your jacket on the ground, zip or button it up fully and measure the distance from one edge (just  below the armpit) to the other, mulitply the number by two in order to get the right size.

Sleeve length – put on your jacket, slightly bend your arm at the elbow and measure the distance from the shoulder joint to the end of the sleeve also known as the cuff, the sleeve should end at the thumb.

Waist circumference – lay your zipped or buttoned up jacket on the ground and measure the distance from one edge of the waist to the other, multiply the number by two in order to get the right size.

How to measure the trousers

Waist circumference – the simplest way is to measure your waist with a  tape-measure, measure your waist, not your hips, tactical trousers are made to be worn at the waist.

Length of trousers – total distance from waist to the bottom of the trousers, measured along the outer part of the seam

Length of leg – distance from crotch to the bottom of the leg, measured along the inner part of the seam


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