Independent test NiMH and NiCd batteries and how to choose the right one

07. 05. 2012

Are you interested in batteries that are worth buying and which are not? We tested them and prepared for you by an independent test of NiMH and NiCd batteries into the airsoft guns. In this test, you will learn how the battery has passed ...


Tested batteries

VB Large 8,4V/4600mAh VB Mini 9,6V/1600mAh
FireFox Large 8,4V/4000mAh GP Large 8,4V/3700mAh
FireFox Mini 9,6V/1500mAh VB M15/M4 9,6V/2000mAh
VB Large 8,4V/2000mAh FireFox M15/M4 9,6V/2000mAh
FireFox Large 8,4V/2000mAh APS 9,6V/800mAh
KAN Mini 9,6V/1250mAh Sanyo 9,6V/1700mAh
KAN AK 8,4V/1250mAh PTW M16 12V/2400mAh
GP AK 8,4V/2000mAh X-Cell Large 9,6V/4300mAh

Test of methodology

Each of the test batteries gone through three charging and discharging cycles. That's because the new battery is correctly formatted and thus provide the best results. Battery testing conducted on the high-end model dual-channel charger with balancer Graupner Ultra Duo plus 50. For each measuring, we carefully observed the results and the data are then converted into tables and graphs. The method of averaging the results we have achieved see. the table below.

Charging the battery VB Mini 9.6V/1600mAh

Battery discharge VB Large 8.4V/2000mAh

The measured values

1. A method of termination charging / discharging

At the end of the process mean that, as the charging / discharging is finished.

End of charging process, referred to as the Delta Peak and therefore should understand that at the end of charging the battery, the voltage drop, which is a sign of full charge. In the event that we have to set the correct charger Delta Peak, the process is terminated at the right time. , If it is set small Delta Peak and the process may terminate prematurely if the contrary is high, so the battery can be overcharged and thus damaged.

Temperature, the temperature means that the charging / discharging process is ended when the overlap on the set temperature of the battery charger. This is the process of charging / discharging is measured continuously and is usually set to 45 ° C.
Discharging ending process CutOff Volt, you know, so that the battery has reached the threshold voltage ie approx. 1V per cell.

2. The capacity of the battery

Indicates the amount of electrical charge that is able to accommodate the battery. The unit is mAh (milliamp-hours), so the battery capacity e.g. 2000mAh can deliver a current of 100 mA for 20 hours. The capacity of each cell and thereby the battery gradually decreases with age.

3. Voltage Battery

Electric voltage is determined as the work done by electrical forces during the movement of the positive unit of electrical charge between two points in space. The voltage can also be expressed as the difference in electrical potential between two points in space.

4.Impedance / resistor pack

Here is a fact that the lower the better, and source hard. Battery with low internal resistance provides longer operation, which delivers full power without significant voltage drop. And precisely this need our airsoft guns.

5. The temperature of the battery

Operating temperature range is the temperature range in which the batteries can be used. At this point it should be emphasized that it is important to differentiate temperature range allowed for charging, discharging and storage batteries. The temperature range allowed for battery charging is the smallest and usually varies for different methods of charging. This ranking temperatures specified by the manufacturer.


Now we will show you the results of the test. The following charts and tables show the results of all tested batteries. Data are averaged result values which are measured.

Table of measurement results

This chart describes the percentage increase / decrease compared to the actual capacity stated by the manufacturer. A higher value is better.

This chart describes the internal resistance of the battery. The lower value is better.

This chart describes how much mAh can be purchased for CZK 1. A higher value is better.

From the above tables and graphs follows several of the following conclusions:
1. Never we can not rely on the fact that the capacity stated by the manufacturer corresponds to the actual capacity.
2. The internal resistance of the battery is very different, and therefore it is necessary to choose batteries with great attention to this parameter. For weak spring arms with sufficient battery with a higher internal resistance, but the arms need to strongly upgraded accumulator with the low internal resistance.
3. During buying a battery is good to drive and price / quality ratio. It is unnecessary to buy extremely expensive battery just for a few extra mAh or due to slightly lower internal resistance. When buying a battery, always aware of the fact that aging and use the battery will deteriorate its parameters and it will be good after a few years replaced. Do not rely on the fact that buy an expensive battery and it will last forever.

A few words in conclusion

In the above mentioned test, we tried to convey some basic facts about batteries NiMH and NiCd, their charging, discharging and properties. Furthermore, we share with you the results measured in independent tests and we added a couple of well-intentioned advice that will help you when buying a new battery. Now it's up to you how to deal with that. And look forward to the next test Li-Pol batteries, which clearly dominate the powerful upgrades.
If you are interested in more information about the battery, or you are interested in and what was the view of the battery before almost ten years (the development is in this industry very quickly forward) and recommended to consult the article on How to take care of our batteries ?, which was published in 2003.


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