Lots of airsoft news, guns, parts, tactical gear and heavy BBs

03. 02. 2017

Lots of airsoft news! Spring operated shotguns, AEGs, upgrade parts, helmets and tactical gear from Emerson, Blackhawk holsters and BLS heavy pellets.


More than seventy NEW items in online store!

Heavy BLS BBs

Snipers and long range shooters take a look! We offer heavy balls in different weights up to 0.50 grams.

KOER spring operated shotguns

New cheap plastic and nice look metal shotguns. Famous russian sniper rifle SVD Dragunov with 492 FPS from KOER.

Tactical helmets from Emerson

Don't risk, protect your head! The new generation of tactical helmets from Emerson.

All airsoft news

All the latest airsoft online store news.


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