M1 Garand, Marushin

Gas powered airsoft gun. Replica of model M1 Garand from Marushin.

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M1 Garand rifle during the World War II became a weapon wedded to American troops. It was the first semi-automatic rifle, which fell into the guns of the military. Its advantages were reliability and high effect, but its disadvantage was its heavy weight. The gun was loaded from frames with 8 cartridges, which when fired leapt from the end and caused the specific "cink" sounds. This airsoft Model guns M1 Garand is manufactured by Marushin. The weapon has a realistically made wooden stock, heavyweight and real metal parts. Blow Back system and moving slide guns adds recoil and ensure the ejection of an empty frame of the cartridges. The basic model weapon is equipped with sling swivel. Caliber of weapons is 8 mm.
Approximate Range 75 m
BlowBack Yes, gas
Caliber 8 mm
Fire Mode safe/semi-auto
GAS Gun Variant (GBB/GNB) GBB
Gun Length 1103 mm
Gun Weight 3,5 kg
Hop-Up Perform adjustable hop-up
Inner Barrel Length 560 mm
Magazine Capacity 8 BB (8 mm)
Muzzle velocity the measured 150 m/s (with 0.34g) [492 fps]
Propellant GAS HFC 134a/144a
Recommended BBs 0.34 g (8 mm)

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