My first airsoft experience

17. 12. 2002

It was about two years ago, when I drove through the website airsoft clubs and looking for the best military unit. Before my eyes were opened page units focused on the war in Vietnam, the Czech Army, but still it was not that kind of...


I feel like US.ARMY Rangers. At first I thought, "Why do such elite units can not get in life," .On the other hand, I said, but why not try it. And so I send an email commander of this unit. About two days, I received a reply with an invitation to the test event. The event was planned for 14 days and I could not wait for her. As a true hiker I've owned fatigues and some have basic equipment. About airsoft At that time I had no idea.

When the day D came impatience I could not even take a nap. Full of expectations, great action, I vyšlápl it straight to a gathering at the castle ruins. On arrival my health namakaných lot of guys in Woodland and the entire American equipment and weaponry. I respond to greetings and come to the commander of the unit that made me all the presents.

He lent me a hand pistol Beretta M92F (spring powered) and give basic advice necessary for synergy across units numbering about 30 fighters. I am very disturbed consciousness as the only guide I have among themselves great electrics. Our enemy infantry units were "vietnamistů". We descended into formation and went into the battle space where we had been "buried" the enemy. Less than half an hour of the procedure and reported enemy scout for twelve hours. We split up into three strike teams and explained the procedure of the attack. The word CONTACT we raced toward an uncertain future. That began to pour from all bunkers, one dose bullets per second. Fortunately, before a series of "bad" strength found deep ditch, giving us a chance to survive.

The first strike team was completely crushed and his fighters were returning to the rally where they waited for a 'resurgence'. Meanwhile, our third team and the rest of the second switched to Plan B, which consisted in creating a protective wall of smoke bombs and use it to conquer the enemy hideout. This plan also failed, however, because in one of the bunkers was perfectly placed M60 machine gun. After the arrival of the "revived" the first team followed by a rapid attack on the bunkers on all sides. Luckily after 3 hours of siege least part defuse enemy.

The program continued to rescue downed pilots. One of the experienced Rangers became for the moment prisoner of the enemy. Our task was to liberate him and disposal resistance forces. To our amazement, the pilot managed to escape and tell us habitats enemy.

I was bady team with an experienced sergeant whose M4ka "fired" enemy one by one. I loaded his tray I Berreta and waited for the command. Out of nowhere at us from all sides launched a hostile fire. I hid myself behind a thick tree and immediately began frantically stretching gun and fire one after another coolie. My effort was reward at a time when the direction of my shooting someone shouted: "I am hit!" And walked away from the battlefield. After a brief moment and hit my partner, who I kindly left in place its full M4ku and 300rds magazine of bullets. He quickly Beretta into his pocket and grabbed his M4. I fired a few rounds and ran under the covering fire of my comrades. I managed to get out of the fight last two fleeing foes. I left with a feeling of great victory to the place of gathering.

There followed an evaluation of the event and exchange personal experiences. With the consent of the entire unit after I meet the necessary physical tests finally become its full member. Since then regularly jezdívám to all events and airsoft me always brings new combat experiences that they balance the often unreal watching war movies.

Jimmy (CZ)


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