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13. 04. 2004

Desert Eagle - the most filmed and undoubtedly the most famous short firearms present time, we can see it every second action film (sometimes with silencer;)) and almost in every correct action computer game...


This is mainly due its exotic appearance and above average size. I'm not afraid to say that this is the biggest gun?!? .... Well, GUNS largest ever. Seems to me like a pocket artillery :) It weighs nearly 2 pounds and caliber .50 AE hunters use it in the US as a secondary weapon ... you say that they are daft, but when rushing at you, enraged Grizzly, Desert Eagle .50 Action Express is suddenly your best friend :) it is also said that the Desert Eagle is the only tool that can one shot surgically separate any limb from the rest of the body :)

As it was with MRI father and mother IMI...

The year 1979 and in Minneapolis in the US formed a company called Magnum Research Inc. At the beginning there were three men. They were quite definite personalities, and their aim was quite clear, to create an entirely new semiautomatic pistol using a very popular revolver ammunition .357 magnum. They gave her a working title of "Magnum Eagle" and intended it as a weapon for shooting at targets, silhouettes and beasts :) The first working prototype was completed in 1981, but problems with feeding ammunition forced MRI, to look for outside help. Helping hand was lodged by Israel Military Industries and in 1983 was the first Desert Eagle .357 Magnum produced, packaged and sold. But because the .357 magnum seemed little appears more powerful Desert Eagle .44 magnum. Around 1987 began DE manufactured in caliber .41 magnum but from the use of this caliber for DE was later abandoned. In 1991 saw the light the strongest, loudest and most powerful model, the King himself, Desert Eagle .50 Action Express (.50 is just between us caliber heavy machine gun M2HB). It's opus mad Ewan Wilding, who this monster was designed based on the model DE .44 Mag. It is not difficult to replace the barrel between calibers .44 and .50 AE Mag. Desert Eagle Mark XIX is actually a puzzle, from .50 caliber to .44 AE Mag simply replace the barrel and magazine and caliber .357 Mag is needed to replace the system more striker. Desert Eagle is currently available in calibers .357 Mag, .44 Mag, .440 Cor-Bon, .50 AE and the seller offers a lot of different finishes and accessories. It is even possible to order a Desert Eagle gilded with 24 carat gold :) But such a toy is probably more expensive...

Small comparing ammunition..

Caliber Bullet weight Bullet speed Power Normal capacity of the magazine
9 mm 7,5 g 380 m/s 500 J 15 pcs
7,62 x 39 8 g 720 m/s 2000 J 30 pcs
.45 ACP 14,9 g 250 m/s 500 J 7 + 1 pcs
.50 AE 20,9 g 400 m/s cca 2000 J 7 + 1 pcs
.50 AE half-shell 19,2 g 426 m/s cca 2000 J 7 + 1 pcs

Tokio Marui Desert Eagle .50 AE Hard Kick

When I was looking for a secundary GAS powered gun, I thought it should be small, lightweight, effective, and should not have a big GAS consumption. But I gradually come to realize that with the Glock 26 I not spook the enemy, rather entertained, because he would think that I go to him with my bare hands, despite the fact that the noisier weapon you have, the more your enemy will afraid :) And as I browsed the internet, I was still in sight of that famed the Desert Eagle. Desert Eagle here Desert Eagle there ... And as the eagle circling above the desert, waiting for an opportune moment, neither Airsoft Desert Eagle I did not sleep ... and when Desert Eagle so Hard Kick from Tokyo Marui... Well, and they showed a lot hat down.

First impressions

The box is not exactly the smallest and certainly not the lightest, this in itself suggests that you are holding something special. On the lid of the box is a picture of the gun itself (a word I do not like) and also inconspicious writing something that you have never experienced this, and that the king is back :) How, after removing the lid you'll find that it was true. Into the stylish black polystyrene is crammed something that could not be a replica gun, this is a GUN from the first sight. I'm telling you, I'm not afraid to defend the house with that :) It acts majestically and instantly gives unprecedented respect. Cousin still can not believe that, with this we shoot consecutive :) Once you Eagle carefully remove from polystyrene, immediately it stops its weight. Yes! It weighs delicious 1110 grams. What certainly will not escape your attention is the surface finish, until you not touch, you do not believe it's not metal, and even then you are not one hundred percent sure. TM here have done a perfect job. All labels, logos and creases are where they should be, precisely machined and perfectly matched. Pleasing is also the frequency of metal components, trigger, slide stop, magazine catch, drum tap, lever disassembly and many internal parts. Furthermore, we have an unusually good ergonomics, Desert Eagle, although it is the biggest gun (again that word) fits perfectly in small hands and with a little practice it is not a problem to achieve on the fuse located at the very top of a huge conclusion (I practiced it all day. ..). Desert Eagle has halved conclude with the equivalent of weaver rail, it allowing mounting collimator directly on the body weapons, unfortunately, for instance airsoft EYE it do not fit, is too long...


From the view is it the killer requesting blood, it's a monster lurking at the victim, it's sleeping dragon who can not wait for opportunities to spewing flames ... but what about the power in real? I must say I was very pleasantly surprised. This piece completely denies all allegations that revolvers are imprecise and unstable performance. Barrel length is a little over thirteen centimeters (136 mm). That does not suspect a great accuracy, but the opposite is true, I do not know how this is possible, but using 0.25 g BB even in moderate winds can hit the target with dimensions of 20x30 cm! Sometimes it's a problem for my M4 and this shameless Desert Eagle makes it just :) The shooting I have no complaints at CQB intervention is confident in the woods I'm not afraid too. Perhaps only I add that 10m can all BB from the magazine (27 + 1) placed in a space of 10x10 cm in a few moments ... the human target is not no big deal.


A bit of education: BlowBack is a device that handles stretching another ball into the chamber and "throwing" slide.

About the BlowBack this Desert Eagle could be writing essays and hymns. It is about the so-called Hard-Kick, something in terms of reinforced BlowBack. If you think it's just a marketing gimmick by Tokyo Marui, you are wrong! And you will soon discover how badly ... You may be wondering why it, you will simply wear out faster parts, it will guzzle more GAS and thus miss anything. I also shared this view, but came that fateful day and I'm a Desert Eagle fired first ... pull the trigger, you will hear the deafening roar of BlowBack and the hands feel a kick, they never dream expact. Immediately it stretched your mouth from ear to ear and you can not stop loving it, it is sharply addictive drug, and instead of one shot you will shoot whole magazine already for that feeling! Consumption of you suddenly do not care ... Another thing is that if Desert Eagle from the first sight commands respect, this BlowBack enhance his respect to the other! Foes flee before the sound and if you surprise someone from a backup, he will probably need new underwear. It's predator who wake up deaf and eats children! It is also interesting that despite such a powerful BlowBack, shoots a gun at one filling GAS HFC Super Power Green Gas two and a half to three full magazines, it is on average 80BB !! Is not it great? It is great! Consumption also depends on temperature, I counted these numbers at room temperature of about 22 degrees.


Again, a bit education: Hop-Up is a device awarding fired bb backspin, thereby artificially straightened its ballistic curve, greatly improves range.

Hop-Up at The Desert Eagle is located under the "overlap of the chamber." Just fix to the rear, pushing the canopy backward and peers out at us tuning lever itself Hop. Debugging is easy with a relatively long run, allowing optimal settings under any circumstances, as for BB 0.20 g and 0.25 g BB, which suit better for shooting longer distance.

A few sentences conclusion ...

Desert Eagle, in addition caliber .50 AE is undoubtedly exceptional weapon and as an exceptional sharp Desert Eagle, is exceptional too ours, the airsoft. It is simply "something more". Processing starting, ending an incredibly addictive BlowBack. Undoubtedly, it is a good secundary weapon, too in the woods as the primary weapon certainly not lost and in the house has literally deafening psychological effects :)



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