Remington 700 and Sniper Rifle M40A1

29. 12. 2002

Remington 700 is the cornerstone of the Remington arms production. There are lots of types, such as.: 700 Sendero, 700 police, M24 SWS and M40A1. It is produced in many calibers: .223 Rem., .308 Win., 7 mm Rem. Magnum, .300 Win.Magnum...


It is produced with an integrated cartridge box with a capacity of 3 to 5 rounds (depending on caliber) or with box detachable magazine with integrated capture to the hub 4, in caliber .308 Win. and .300 Win. Magnum (only 700 TWS-DM Police).

More details to present to you the model: Model 700 Remigton TWS-DM Police: It's a police sniper rifle in caliber .308 Win. or .300 Win. Magnum and in both cases with box detachable reservoir with integrated capture to 4 rounds. It works like all the M700 series as a repeating rifle with a rotating cylindrical bolt. The overall length is: 1120 mm, barrel length is 660 mm, and a weight of 4.8 kg. Headed to riflescope Leupold Vari-X III 3,5x10. The stock and forend are made of Kevlar. The entire weapon is black. The gun has a loosely fitting barrel and adjustable bipod Harris. TWS-DM means: Tactical Weapon System-Detachable Magazine (tactical weapon system-removable tray). The weapon comes with a briefcase Pelican and tactical strap with Quick Adjust Michaels.

Another part of the article is a military version of the 700 Remigtonu namely: M40A1 Sniper Rifle. The weapon was ordered by the military tests in 1966. The Army has found that Rem. 700 is undoubtedly the best weapon for snipers, Marines took her into the equipment under the name M40 Sniper Rifle. The weapon in 1967 arrived in Vietnam and became a feared weapon. The gun had but a wooden stock which hardly resist weatherproof and was supplemented butt McMillan with pistol grip, formed from interwoven plastic fiberglass for strength and was provided with camouflage pattern. Officially, the weapon was accepted into service in 1970.

M40 has an integrated cartridge box for five rounds 7.62 mm Grade Match. The total length of 111.76 cm, barrel length 610 mm. The gun is adjusted for accurate shooting Match Grade ammunition. It has a heavy barrel and a modified charging mechanism Winchester Model 70, also has a lightweight trigger. It is equipped with a 10x riflescope UNERTL SCOPE (ten times magnification). With the full ammo box weighs 6.58 kg. It produces specially trained armorers Quantico, Virginia. It has the ability to hit an object about the size of a human head up to 1000m.

In conclusion, I would like to say that M40A1 is for me the number one and even before the SVD Dragunov.

Michal (Havoc) Daxner, CZ


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