Report from the Airsoft event

30. 06. 2003

At the end of May this year, was again called 5thSFG UnO composed ssg.George as the commander and crew sgt.Jerry, sgt.Thomas and sgt.Martin regular exercise. This time I worked as a logistics unit plan for the three day event ...


Unit expected to march about 30 km mountain terrain Jeseníky final climb to an altitude of 1,300 m.n.m. at the point where contour lines on the map looked like one thick line than a few weaknesses. And so we went on back alice in which he could do even a little space on trekách two flasks, pouches and writings, in the hands of airsoft guns.

We carefully avoid the last remnants of civilization and then we waited only three days' march, while the beautiful landscape, but people here rely only on himself and what he has with him. On the first day, the weather turned out that this time everything will happen according to our scenario a big storm around noon forced us to throw ourselves on ponchos and improvise a little bit. Fortunately, we met an open chapel, which we hid from the storm. They had flashes of lightning, lacing the sky, did not inspire much confidence.

We used a forced break for lunch, meanwhile, the weather got better and longer without rain we went. After about two hours the next march, the unit split into two groups and they were tasked to find the map object light fortifications from the Second World War, about a kilometer away and defend it against the other group. I went to Jerry and George Martin. And he began a race against time, work with a map, compass and tactical approach to the subject. Until the last moment because you do not know if there'll be the first and you pretty zabukovaný wait for the second watch, or to zoom in and buy it with full pageantry directly between the lights. As a big advantage in other moments showed radios, which we bought a couple of days before the event and as a disadvantage all equipment including ALICE on her back.

With Jerry, we decided not to rush and pretty soon everything quietly check out. We found the bunker without any problems, but we're here first? I left with Alice and Jerry went to investigate the situation. After five minutes of viewing nearby binoculars he slowly but very slowly approached the building and eventually found out that we're only arrived first. I radioed a message to Jerry gave up and returned to him when I saw it in motion. Peripherally rather than directly. I immediately lay on and talked with Jerry and next steps. It was likely that the second patrol saw me, but not Jerry, who lay motionless. I waited a moment, where everyone moves, but nothing happened. Suddenly a slight movement again, and I was sure where the enemy is. Jerry saw him too and it was just a question of where it covers the second of the patrol.

This time the wait paid off another move I registered at three o'clock. It was enough to wait and I've seen the enemy's head through his sights MP5. A raised hand and the announcement of the intervention was a clear sign that I aimed well. Has he left only one, and even that did not vouchsafed to survive. I found out where I had removed his colleagues, but knew that the way he is Jerry. Also, the MP5 has found the target with elegant precision. That practice ended combat operations in detail everything we dismantled and moved on.

Before dark we made camp, we discussed again the whole day and gradually went to bed to sleep. On patrol, we were fairly turns for two hours in the morning we survived another storm and woke up the next day...

sgt.Thomas - 5thSFG ÚnO/CZ


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