Tokyo Marui Hi-CAPA 5.1

06. 10. 2004

Finally, Tokyo Marui known for its quality guns brings additional gas pistol. Thank God (or who you want to) it's not just another clone known Beretta! This is clone of the Colt M1911 and even has a special name! Hallelujah!


What is it actually?

And where did it come from? To be honest I do not know myself, but let us be happy for "it" :) Now seriously. It seems that some engineer in the firm Tokyo Marui was fascinated by pistol Para Hi-Cap 5.1 but TM did not get the necessary licenses for this model, unfortunately. His dream remains unfulfilled part. But ours will be fulfilled beyond all expectations. About the real steel weapon only that is the caliber .45 ACP, .40 S& W and 9 mm Luger and sign Hi-Cap got thanks to the high capacity of the magazine, which boasts of being company Para. Hi-Cap holds 13+1 shells.

Tokyo Marui Hi-CAPA 5.1

For now, the company's last hurray in GAS pistols is model called Hi-CAPA 5.1. TM holds its level and so this weapon is made very clean and well. As a model was not selected certainly just any small pistol, Hi-CAPA boasts a length of 222 mm which is decent value. Also commendable is her weight. It is 894 g and can withstand very well compared with the weight of a real steel pistol, which weighs 900 g. The amazing result, isn't it? For mentioning is also capacity of magazine. 31+1 BBs is in case pistol decent supply. Toward the enemyyou can therefore send out relatively large welcoming parade of pellets.

First impressions

Writing that the box is beautiful really bored me. But it is. Again, perfectly executed cover and store the weapon itself inside the sensually black polystyrene is a very powerful combination. Inside the box is the usual 0.2g BB bag, a bag of pictorial materials and new catalog Tokyo Marui (There's even introduced and SIG P226. I do not know about you, but I can not wait for him).

Then there is the cleaning rod, steel bar, gun and weaver rail. Function of steel rod I explain later. At the first close examination guns it immediately stops the fact that a substantial part of the body is made of metal. It look like TM feels competition from metal pistols that flows from all sides? Metal parts bear the color of gunmetal. Parts are not pure black, which raises an imaginary sex appeal of this beauty.

Other plastic parts such finish and handle are black-semigloss. Here a list of plastic parts ends. Hard to believe, but it is true. Even inside the gun is little pieces from plastic. After replacing a finish by a metal, pistol could withstand even prolonged using TopGas. I emphasize could, and for destroying pistols I do not answer :)

What looks like such terms, Colt fans hearts will shout for joy. Those of you who yearn after some Infinity or ProKiller from Western Arms, here are a decent substitute for very good money.


Thanks to a decent weight and time-tested recipe ... So ergonomics of the gun fits perfectly in your hand. The feeling of shooting will be augmented quite strong and loud BlowBack. A kick from an elephant wearing hobnailed boots as it is not, but it's still a decent shock. Outer barrel is shifting for a piece, but the inside is not move, and thanks that the precision remains. Like G26A.

Let's say something about numbers and values. Target 10x10 cm at a distance of 10 m is not the slightest problem. It is possible to empty the whole magazine, but a moment it will take. Not because you need long to aim but because of its mammoth capacity of 31 BBs + 1 BB in the barrel :) About the target 20x30 cm at a distance of 35 m it's a little more complicated. It takes a bit of skill, but you can hit. Shooting propertie are the same as other gun TM same size. For example, G26A and Beretta.

Regarding the ammunition still applies the same rule - 0.2g BB flies a little further, but not as accurate; 0.25 g BB flies, although fewer, but more accurately and with greater vigor. To consumption perhaps only that one filling GAS HFC Super Power Green Gas Hi-CAPA shoots two magazines for sure, and half of the third too. Around 80 BB which is decent value.


Worth mentioning again that nifty white dot on the front sight and fully adjustable rear sight. The sights are completely formed from metal and on the length of the arm they so-so overlap. This makes quite accurate aiming. Excellent work.


Hop-Up is in this model Hi-CAPA 5.1 as usual adjustable. Wheel for setting you find in my favorite place. Do you know where? Yes, we have to make a disassembly and there at the bottom of barrel we find it magic eye. Several times disassembly and assembly the pistol, turning here and there, a few times a grumble and then you have the Hop-Up tuned to your desired weight of ammunition. Thank Hop-Up hold his position well, and therefore it is not necessary very often adjusted.

Mysterious steel rod...

What about serving? For what is there? It's a spare part? Or perhaps a accessories? It is a tool. No music but working. Using this rod you break through the body two indicated holes. For what holes? For screwing weaver rails! Bingo! So therefore it is entirely up to you if you use rail or not.

Several sentences in conclusion

Finally, GAS weapons from Tokyo Marui began to grow in the right direction. So no more clones Beretta, but finally at least a clone of the Colt. Attractive appearance, A LOT OF metal parts, reliability, good performance and excellent price. Excel in CQB, sufficient in the forest. That, is in a nutshell Hi-CAPA 5.1 A pistol that is unique and certainly will find its fans and unfortunately opponents. Tastes can not force them. After all, if we all had the same taste, it did not work too well :)



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