Tokyo Marui SPAS 12 Shotgun

13. 01. 2005

SPAS 12 is the world's most famous shotgun. This gun you know from the lot of movies or computer games. It looks frightening and its fighting power is not insignificant at all. I would´t like to find yourselves in front of the barrel this gun whos has caliber 12/76...


Short introducing

Sporting Purpose Automatic Shotgun it´s a supposedly accurate interpretation of the magical abbreviation that everybody knows, who at least knows what a shotgun is. Maybe you dislike the word Sporting. After a long search in literature and on the Internet, I came across an even longer article that advocated the use of that word Sporting. Like an argument were used as some pressure and lots of paragraphs of the US Constitution. However, on next sheet it was written that depend it on that the usage for Special or Sporting Shooting. Conclusion make it yourself :)

I would also like to clarify the use of the word Automatic. It's just about designating a semi-automatic shoot firing mode. In the world, they tend to call it Semi-auto shotguns. Of course, there is no fully automatic shotgun 12 in the world. Neither USAS 12 or anything else. Jackhammer is just a prototype. Do not you believe? I also did not believe it, but it is enough to start thinking. An automatic shotgun with a cadence of about 10 rd per second? I don´t think that.

Franchi model SPAS 12

Shotgun SPAS 12 is manufactured in the Italian arms factory Luigi Franchi, based in the city called Fornacia. Shooting mode is possible to choose between repeating with sliding handguard and semi-automatic / self-charging using pressurized gases.

The weapon weighs 4 kilograms and its total length is 1070 mm. SPAS 12 comes with a solid plastic or folding steel stock. Tube magazine capacity is 7 balls. It is practically possible to fired of everything at the given caliber. From classic shotgun shells, through individual bullets of various materials, to biscuits pressed into nitrocellulose.

At the first glance it's bright to that it comes from Italy. Slim shape, graceful lines and perfect ergonomics. The Italians have just a talent for these things :)

Tokio Marui SPAS 12

SPAS 12 manufactured by Tokyo Marui, is one of three manual shotguns, which this company supplies to the airsoft guns market. With three barrels that deliver reliable and accurate performance, is probably the most serial-made manual shotgun in an airsoft guns assortment.

What do we find in the package?

Well, what am I to tell you? The box itself is almost a work of art and can compete for a place in the Louvre. But we are more interested in what is inside. Surprise! Here is a shotgun SPAS 12, one cartrige serving as a 30BB magazine. Also, here is a short stick for magazine, cleaning rod, instructions, targets, and lots of other pictorial material complete with Asian characters. That´s all, do not look for any golden bricks in the box :)

Quality of processing

The processing of the shotgun itself and its plastic surfaces is again at a very high level. Very pleasant is a presence of metal components such as gun-barrel, front sight, trigger, fuse, and a magazine.

That tubular magazine is even really working. It is accessible from the front and holds two patrons. But, the approach itself is not that easy, so it's better to wear the patrons in your pocket or have them attached firm to the shotgun. Tokyo Marui SPAS 12 is a very authentic replica, which does not lose its authority and magic against of an original.


The cartridge-shaped magazine holds 30BB, which makes up for 10 shots. What? 30bb and only 10 shots? Yes. Really. 10 shots because whenever pressing the shutter leaves the weapon towards the target exactly three balls. Everyone flew out of a one of the three gun barrels, which are equipped with a fixed Hop pre-set at 0.2g BB. In addition, each gun barrel supplies air to a separate cylinder with a piston and that´s meaning there isn´t hence no short range and poor accuracy, like shotguns with one gun barrel that shoots more than one projectiles at a time.

Before the shot is must be a weapon loaded. How? Move forward and back forward :) From the beginning, it seems that it is difficult, but you get used to it. If you are not weak, it's not a problem loaded a gun with high frequency.

Then just point on a target, squeeze the trigger and voilà! Target down :) Is not it? So again! And again! And again!... It´s a hard, right? At least a little bit of it can be simplified. The trigger still can be helded and then you just need to pump it. This is a way how you can get the target in just a few seconds with all the 30BBs you have available. A bruttaly sound that SPAS gives in this style of use is awesome. All sounds SPAS are quite expressive and quite loud. Whatever when you loading or shooting...

Shooting performance

As you already know, the gun shoots 3 BB at a time, so the chance to hit the target is slightly larger than one ball. But how far does it shoot? And what precision is?

At 35 m you hit a target of 20x30 cm at least two BB out of three, which is a decent result, right? Therefore, targeting 40 m is not a problem with a little skill. At least one of the three BB always sure. :) Of course, we shoot BB 0.2 grams, which is aligned with that pre-set fixed Hop-Up.

At last

SPAS 12 Tokyo Marui is a very powerful manual airsoft gun. With a length of 800 mm, it can be used both in the forest and in CQB in buildings. SPAS 12 it looks very aggressive, and the look into her darkness barrel mainly frightens everyone. On the other hand, its graceful lines and slender shape are very impressive for everyone. Among manuals clearly reign because of due firepower, vigor, and especially respect. It definitely does not look as plastic as a G3A3 manual airsoft gun. If you think about the manual, then SPAS will definitely pay off, in the fact that one of the few manuals can be upgraded with precise barrels and a stronger wire spring :)



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