Review TM Glock 17

29. 03. 2004

Glock 17 is an absolutely unique weapon that has found (and constantly finds) a place both in the hands of policemen and soldiers or criminals and terrorists...


Its unique concept, based on the use of modern plastic materials (the weapon frame is made of plastic), made it a revolutionary weapon. I have to praise the Austrians for a great job!

Glock 17 (Tokyo Marui)...

...from TM workshops certainly does not do the shame of the original. The manual airsoft version of this weapon is absolutely unique. Although it belongs among TM's oldest manual pistols, it is perfectly comparable to any other manual airsoft weapon. The weapon is manufactured in Hop-Up and non-HOP versions. When you buy and unpack it, you can find it nicely stored in polystyrene with everything equipment (gun, magazine, balls, instructions). And now to the weapon itself, or rather to its components.

Gun slide... made of black plastic. It is shinier than the gun frame. There is an original stamping. The GLOCK logo with the number 17 and the inscription AUSTRIA, is printed on the left. The caliber is 9x19. On the right side of the slide is the serial number, the small eagle and some other character. Everything is stamped twice at the slide and at the ejection port. There is still a very small ASGK inscription here. On the top of the slide are very slightly raised sights. They are very simple and focuses with them well, but with increasing darkness, targeting is more difficult. An ejection port is located on the slide, but not used. Very interesting are grooves for grip when pulling the slide.. They are quite practical because the height of the slide and his total size are not big.

Gun frame... also all black, however, the plastic surface is much rougher than at the slide. On the front and rear of the handle are protrusions for better grip and the hips of the handle are also roughened. The handle itself has an ideal size and allows a very pleasant hold. The trigger guard is big so the gloves are no problem. In addition, there are other roughening protrusions on its front. Trigger travel is rigid and demand stronger press. The first of the two fuses is located directly on the withers of the gun. It's a kind of trigger blade that prevents the trigger from being pressed when the finger is not in place. The second fuse is located on the gun frame directly above the trigger guard and is double-sided. It serves as a lock for a weapon than like a conventional fuse. Fuse of magazine catch is located on the right side just behind the trigger guard. The control its easy and trouble free. Below the magazine well there is an eyelet for snap the safeguard cord. The only thing that comes out of the weapon frame is the non-functional protrusion on the slide stop who is on the right above on the trigger guard. Otherwise, the weapon is completely angular. As one of my friends said, it's like two rectangles firmed to each other. The only thing that is not faithful is a part of the weapon in front of the trigger guard, which is quite bulky compared to the original.On the frame are also some inscriptions. On the right side of the frame is the TOKIO MARUI CO. LTD. and two characters in Japanese. On the pistol handle is the inscription: Made in Tokyo Japan. On the left side is one more logo Glock.

Magazine... black, plastic for 24 bb and the big GLOCK logo is embossed from below.

The mechanics...

..are made of plastic, but the barrel is metal. The inner plastic creates strong impression and built to endure every day usage..

Shooting performance...

...classifies a weapon between stronger weapons. The range is 40 m, so the effective range is about 25 m. Hop-Up is firmly set to 0.25 g balls, but 0.2 g can also be used. Overall performance can be increased by using springs and other upgrades. I would not do it. I personally achieved an upgrade which I had not planned. I destroyed the seal at the cylinder and so I replaced it with a seal from my old Desert from the UHC. The reach increased by about 5 meters without spring support. You can see the video of shooting... here.


...I would like to write that GLOCK 17 from TM is really an excellent weapon, either in the hands of a beginner or as a backup weapon to AEG when you do not want a GAS. If you like, take him.


+ quality processing
+ simple, spacious, stability construction
+ accuracy, range
+ real-looking magazine


- absence of takedown
- unfunctional ejection port

  Glock 17 (firearm) Glock 17 (TM, spring ver.)
Weight 905 g 380 g
Lenght 202 mm 202 mm
Caliber 9x19 mm BB (6 mm)
Magazine cap. 17+1 24+1
Price approx 788 EUR 31.60 EUR



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