Airsoft grenades

04. 02. 2003

Using grenades in airsoft has its detractors and supporters. Some say that they are dangerous and unnecessarily attract the attention of police or civilians. Others think they are interesting diversification play and give her the right atmosphere.


In my opinion it depends purely on the agreement and the conditions in which the event takes place. The grenade may be too dangerous and it should have at least some effect, although often only psychological. The grenade must look like a grenade, because they buy dozens of firecrackers and throwing them wherever I hear a noise is too difficult to accept.

From the beginning I play airsoft, wondering how to make the easiest, cheapest and most efficient grenade. On the battlefield, I saw a lot of plaster and other gadgets that have shaped the grenade away. I have removed the plaster immediately because the shape it forms very hard, so if you do not use perfect form. The ideal solution is for me to use a paper tube. Where do you have surely guessed - from toilet paper. It has certainly every home enough, and even consumption in every household decent :-).

The best are narrow and rigid tube, so when you or someone in the household to purchase additional supplies, so choose only by the softness of paper, but also by the quality of that paper rolls.

Tube, built on the shorter side, most adhesive glue on cardboard Hercules cardstock need a e.g. shoebox. Glue them a more equal, let not waste any time before the glue disappears. After drying paper heed all rolls around and you get the basic body shell.

Now it is necessary to trim the tube. Height grenade depends on the kind of firecrackers they use. I think the best are red megy. They have a decent noise effect and also sufficient strength for spreading the filling grenade. If you use Megu and cut the grenade body (sharp scalpel to roll nepromáčkla) about 6 cm above the bottom of the tube. Now glue the inside of the grenade-second glue firecracker. Make sure to be approximately at the center of the grenade is cone!

Now we have to put a grenade charge, which will be spread around. You can use airsoft bullets, but it is quite expensive. He witnessed the most games. It's as big as BB and is pretty tough, so he firecrackers explosion completely destroyed. If you do not have at home peas and lentils to pour grenade or hard corn :-).

Sprinkle the peas to the brim and a little push. If you used a pre-cooked, boiled or pickled so you can throw a grenade and start again :-). Cut the paper that you used on the bottom of the grenade squares with the side 5-6 cm. Trace along the middle of the floor plan megy. Who is rigorous perfectionist can use compasses, which sets the radius measured by caliper average megy :-). Cut a hole through which followed it through a firecracker. The opening should be slightly smaller than the diameter megy make it well kept. On the edge of the rolls glue and paper slid to Megu really pressing upwards. Once dry, trim it back.

This garnet is actually fully functional. Just light a firecracker and watch his work. Who tried it on his prototype can start again from the beginning who tried it in my apartment, so let prefer another grenade does :-).

Is crossed out in battle impractical. Resides you search lighters in their pockets. Someone has to solve it by sticking to your gun. We do, however, this will not spoil the look.

Each of you surely know what a match scratched about anything. The box costs about 0.15 EUR, so you can buy them enough. These widths odkrojíme header and the glue on the striking surface of firecrackers. For sure there sticking two headers, because I'm confident that the flare up and ignite even a firecracker.

Now on we can produce a kind of ignition-lock grenade. Buy some sandpaper roughness matchbox your matches. Better to buy the textile substrate because it lasts longer. On the bottom side smirkl glue strip of stiff paper with a width of about 1 cm. After drying the paper and cut it into strips nařezejte length about 4 cm. Then these rings in mid-bend and after stringing wire ring that you make (or you can buy at the hardware store key rings) blind. Who wants to make his work look better, the stripes of size 4x1 cm first and then translate them oblepit sandpaper. In this case, bonding the two parts of the strip easier.

Fixing the ignition-lock on the firecracker perform a strip of construction paper. The strip is about 1.5 cm wide and about 4.5 cm long. Pin or other tool do after a sharper 1.5 cm grooves, parallel to the shorter side of the strip. This in order to bend the paper more easily. Wrong to describe, but the images will not be entirely clear. Now fit the ignition-lock, urging the bent strip carefully on the firecracker and seconds of glue, glue the free edges to the sides of firecrackers. It wants to give you the power to tap your hands, because the small deletion of the match ignites and then what you do not have to disassemble. Ignition-lock must be fixed so that it was not moving and that was quickly removed.

For aesthetics still sticking out of the wrap firecrackers paper tape or strip quarto paper about 1.5 cm thick. Garnet in appearance and certainly adds color painting. Just use any water soluble paint. I painted it green-grenades :-).



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