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1993 armory in the German Heckler & Koch established a new rifle under the name Project 50. From a series of intensive comparative tests came out victorious and was officially adopted by German military forces in 1995...


As a competitive weapon tests were for instance. Other well-known Austrian rifle Steyr AUG. In 1996, German troops were given the rapid deployment of its first G36ky, which are slowly replacing aging G3 rifles.

G36 / G36E Rifle

The basic version of the G36 rifle

They are produced by three main types G36, which differ primarily in length. Basic rifle G36, which you can see in the picture above, the rifle from which other variants are based. All guns are equipped with a folding stock, handle and transport have the same caliber - 5.56 mm x 45 NATO. G36 are designed so that they can be conveniently controlled right-handed and left-handed - the mode of firing on both sides of the arms and pushed the first round into the chamber can also be from both sides. Offers for ejection cartridges are located on the right side, so in this respect lefties have a little unluck.

Magazines are all kinds of weapons and compatible cartridges contain 30 previously mentioned caliber. On both sides are sort beaks, allowing more container snap together. Unfortunately, if one of the containers exceeds the right side the weapon can not be folded butt.

The entire weapon is made of plastic, reinforced with fiberglass and designed to place as little maintenance and cleaning. Manufacturer of Heckler & Koch argues that the weapon without cleaning should work without any problems to a minimum of 15 000 shots (hat down if that is true), and most of the parts should be easy to clean just water alone.

The basic version of G36 also includes a built-in optic with zoom, which is below the carrying handles. In order to fulfill its function it is in front of the oblique carrying handles hole. On the carrying handle is also not a problem to install another sighting devices such as. red dot or laser.

G36E / G36KE

G36K (Kurz) is practically the only shortened and lightened version of the basic G36. Now this model is beginning to increasingly popping up on the big screen - I will randomly example. Resident Evil movies and Terminator 3.


G36 Commando (Manufacturer states Compact, but both variants are possible) is at least similar to their colleagues. The basic principle is the same, but at first glance differ in length and especially the transport handle. There is a lack built-in optics, instead there are classic sights in two positions at 200 and 300 meters. Hill handle forming strip RIS, which is also located on the fore-end from below and can be mounted on both sides of the forend. This makes it the perfect "tribe" for "Christmas tree".

Here is a table comparing all of the above types G36:

  G36 G36K G36C
Caliber 5,56mm x 45 NATO (.223 Remington)
Firearm length (mm) 998 / 758 860 / 615 720 / 500
Height (with magazine) 290 mm
Barrel Length (mm) 480 320 228
Weight - empty (kg) G36-3,6/E-3,3 G36K-3,3/KE-3,0 G36C-2,8
Magazine capacity 30 rounds
Rate of fire 750 rounds per minute
Effective range 500 m, with riflescope about 800 m
Price for the Bundeswehr approximately EUR 600 / piece

Several pictures conclusion:

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