ASCU Gen.4+ for gearbox v. 2, Airsoft Syst.

ASCU (Airsoft Smart Control Unit) Switch Kit gen. 4+ is a modern electronic device, which completely replaces the standard and outdated trigger contacts of AEG guns. In this latest generation has connect sensing portion with control unit into the one unit and has additionally improved software including external sensors. With these and other changes are classic AEG guns with electronics ASCU a little closer to more known and much more expensive Systema PTW.

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ASCU (Airsoft Smart Control Unit) switch set generation 4+ is modern electric unit which completely replaces standard and outdated switching contact for AEG guns. In this latest generation scanning part and control part has been conected in one unit and overall software, including external sensors, has been improved. Thanks to these and other changes are standard AEG guns with ASCU unit are little closer to more known and much more expensive system PTW (Professional Training Weapons). With well chosen configuration it can be used for strong springs and strong battery, as well as previous proven versions. The package includes all installation components including reinforced selector plate, specific cut-off lever and detailed installation instructions.

Possible settings of shooting mode:
1) Semi + Burst (three shots) and then full auto
2) Semi + full auto
3) Semi + Burst (three shots)
4) Semi only

Benefits ASCU:
• Detection empty magazines when is ASHU connected.
• Detection of mechanical failure in the gearbox.
• Always complete the entire cycle of rotation of the gears.
• Extends the life of spring.
• Faster response when you press the trigger.
• More realistic movement of trigger.
• Increased rate of fire.
• Protection against excessive low discharge of the battery.
• Compatible with Li-Pol, Li-Fe, NiMH and NiCd (7.2 - 12V).
• Detection lower limit of discharge Li-Pol battery.
• In case of torque motor is not needed anti-reversal latch.
• Easy instalation.
• Programming individual modes using the trigger.

Generation 4+ offers these mainly different:
• New tranzistors with 16x smaller resistance (all is faster).
• Faster reactions after triggering the trigger and a larger number of fire.
• Less warming-up, better protection against short circuit.
• More easier installation for an experienced user.
• Stronger outer shell from polymer.
• New software with simpler user programing.
• Reinforced trigger sensor, cut-off lever and selector plate.

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